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As most of you have seen on my Facebook pages, I held my first book signing/reading at the Ione Public Library on Tuesday. I don’t think I can admit to having that dread disease, Glossophobia, which is the fear of public speaking that can cause such symptoms as anxiety (I had that), physical distress, feelings of panic, or nausea (I did have some “butterflies”). Psychology Today, has even published articles stating that most people fear Public Speaking more than they fear Death. Nah! Really?! Death still has to be #1 in my book.
I will admit to being of two minds as I anticipated the event at the very tiny Ione Library. The idea of being a published author holding such an event where strangers would come to hear me talk about my accomplishment appealed to me greatly. On the other hand, I may have had just a slight case of the above-mentioned glossophobia.
Should I have been afraid? Not really. Besides my VERY supportive family, there wasn’t what you would call a gigantic turnout, which was probably just as well for me. I looked out upon a veritable sea (well, maybe not a sea – maybe a pond) of friendly faces. Although I was told afterward by a reliable source that I did not look or sound nervous, I must report a distinct feeling of being “detached” from myself as I spoke and another distinct feeling of “flop sweat,” which is defined as “nervous sweating brought on by fear of failing.”
All in all, though, while I experienced an immense feeling of relief at the conclusion, I must call the event a rousing success. What was most exciting for me? Seeing my book shelved neatly by the very accommodating librarian between novels by Steve Berry and Maeve Binchy. Nice.