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The Fall of 1959 saw the next big step: on to good ol’ Central Union High School and the Spartans. I can remember hearing stories from other kids about the terrible things that upperclassmen would perpetrate upon the new Freshmen, like putting the “newbies” head first into trash cans. Of course, nothing like that ever happened, although we didn’t take any chances and tended to walk around campus in the safety of groups. I do remember a classic “food fight” in the quad one day at lunch between the Freshmen and the Seniors that ended up in Student Court. Anybody else remember that? Edgar Snively, weren’t you the “prosecuting attorney?”

One thing I always loved about living in El Centro – “Where the Sun Spends the Winter! – and so did the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels. In 1959 they were flying F9F Cougars.


Here’s my Freshman class photo. Never did like it much. Brother Rick was still at Margaret Hedrick in 5th Grade, and baby sister Kim was just three . . . I don’t think pre-school had been invented yet.







Activities at CUHS included the concert band (I never did like marching season!) and a CSF field trip to San Diego and a tour of the aircraft carrier USS Bennington (CVS-20).

The summer after our Freshman year, Rick and I took a Greyhound Bus trip—just the two of us—from El Centro all the way to Detroit, Michigan to visit our Nana and Nano. What an adventure that was! The 2200-mile trip home was just as much fun as Nana cooked us a giant bag full of homemade Italian bread and fried chicken. We were the envy of the rest of the passengers.

The Detroit Zoo with Aunt Sue, Nano, Nana, and Rick. (Nice face, Den!)

Sophomore year – I thought Tommy Becker had the best looking flattop, and I tried to emulate him.

10th grade 1960-61