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When last we talked about my growing-up days in El Centro, I was enjoying 6th Grade with Mr. Blake at Margaret Hedrick Elementary. One memory I have is of the Duncan Yo-Yo Tournament that year. We all practiced and practiced our “Sleepers,” “Over The Falls,” and “Around the World” tricks among others. Anybody remember all 10 that we had to perform for the contest? If I remember rightly, I got a Second Place patch to Sherry Moyer’s ( I believe that was her name) First Place!

And then we moved on to Wilson Junior High School with Coach Bischke, Mr. Huddleston (see Band photo), Mr. Kerr (Science), Mrs. Claypool, Mr. Carrillo, Mrs. Gattis, Mrs. Sterzing, the infamous Mr. Jones, and others whose names escape me at this point.




I had a little sister that was growing up, I enjoyed Christmases with my Holden cousins, and I played in the Sunbeam Little League.




Dad had a cabinet and remodeling business, and we did lots of things as a family:







I look back on those days that seem so carefree to me now with much fondness and even more nostalgia. Those were the days!