Some Go To War

War Comes To Some

Some Get Medals For Killing

Some Get Medals For Dying

Some Get To Go Home

Journey to Marseilles, a novel by Dennis Billuni, is the story of two young Americans and is inspired by the WWII experiences of the author’s parents.

Sam DiFranco, a US Army Third Division infantryman, and Rebecca Smit, a Dutch Resistance partisan, embark upon separate but equally perilous journeys through the treacherous crucible that is war. Sam battles the Vichy French in North Africa, and the Nazis on the battlefields of Sicily, Salerno, and Anzio, while Rebecca, in occupied Amsterdam, delivers forged documents and smuggles Jews and downed fliers out of the city, all the while evading capture by the Nazis, a role that becomes increasingly risky.

Is it possible for both of them to overcome physical deprivation, enemy oppression, and the loss of those close to them to return to the homes they once knew?


What Others Are Saying About Journey to Marseilles:

“Dennis Billuni’s Journey to Marseilles features such a wealth of convincing detail, and is so masterfully told, readers may come away feeling as if they have lived through WW II.” —Ken Kuhlken, Novelist, Author of the Hickey Family Mystery Series

“A gripping story of heroism and sacrifice during World War II. First-time author Billuni is definitely a budding talent on the literary horizon.” —Mike Sirota, award-winning author of the thriller, Freedom’s Hand, and the historical novel, Stone Woman.

“Meticulously researched with realistic dialogue…belongs on the top shelf of any collection of classic World War II novels…Hollywood, are you paying attention?” —Robert Reed, author of Lost Black Sheep: The Search for WWII Ace Chris McGee

“It’s an extraordinary boy-meets-girl tale of bravery, loss, and honor. Don’t miss it!” —Mike Farris, author of the Amazon bestseller A Death in the Islands: The Unwritten Law and The Last Trial of Clarence Darrow


Raised in Detroit, Michigan and Southern California, Dennis Billuni began work on JOURNEY TO MARSEILLES after a thirty-year career with the U.S. Postal Service and a second career as a freelance literary editor. While raising his three children, he coached Little League Baseball for ten years in Spring Valley, California. A Vietnam War-era Veteran, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 to 1971 as a Communications Technician. He studied Comparative Literature, Spanish, and Creative Writing at San Diego State University and Grossmont College.

Nowadays, when he isn’t tending to or driving his classic Ford Mustang, he is playing with his grandchildren, enjoying Fantasy Baseball, and smelling the roses. He and his wife Terrie have been married since 1969 and now live in Northern California. JOURNEY TO MARSEILLES is his first novel.

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